Ruger Mini 14 Steel 580 Series Slip on Flash Hider with a Fiber Optic Sight

Ruger Mini 14 Steel 580 Series Slip on Flash Hider with a Fiber Optic Sight

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We are currently sold out.  We are working on a new design that will be available at the end of 2016

AMK Tactical Custom M1A style Ruger Mini 14 580 Series Flash Hider with a Fiber Optic Sight.

We personally manufacture these flash hiders with fiber optic sight to the highest tolerances. Made in the U.S.A. by American craftsman with 40 plus years of tool & die and engineering experience. I use only high grade carbon steel for strength and reliability, then test each one for fit on my personal Ruger Mini-14. You will receive ONE semi-bright finish flash hider with a Fiber Optic Sight along with two new black roll pins, one is spare. I will stand behind each product with your 100% complete satisfaction.

NOTE: You must be able to supply us your current front sight in order for us to custom fit the brake.  These brakes will not fit the Ruger Mini 14/30s below series 580 (older than 2005).

This is one piece. The fiber optic sight and the flash hider are pressed together and will replace your sight with a you heavy duty fiber optic sight and M 1 A style muzzle brake.

Here is what one customer had to say about this item.

Dear AMK Tactical,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great product! I have been searching for a fiber optic/ brake option. Installation was simple, and the fit is perfect! (removal of the old sight took some work and courage) Can't wait to try it!

My dad is a machinist tool and die maker. So I can appreciate the work and quality that went into this piece. I love the innovation of local companies meeting demands with quality and pride. Looking forward to seeing your future offerings.

- riemmark

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