AMK provides unique and innovative gun, archery, and knife making products.


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Blade Show Sale $100 to $50 off all machines
Our mission is supply you with items that are unique and innovative gun, archery, and knife making products. Every product is made in the USA under the direction of our engineer and product developer.  Our 40 plus years of engineering and machining experience guarantees that you will get a top quality product at a reasonable price.
We will trade equipment for a deer hunt in Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee. 
Call Allen at 937-344-4488 for details.             yt_logo_rgb_light


Neil Kamimura, Forged in Fire Champion, uses AMK Tools machines in his shop. 

Click Here to watch a tour of Neil's shop with a AMK 77 Grinder.  Follow Neil on Instagram at rpm_neil




Need 1x30 sharpener belts or 2x72 grinder belts?  

Contact our supplier Combat Abrastives at 714-203-2541 or click here for 1x30 belts or click here for 2x72 belts

use promo code AMKCOMBAT10 to receive 10% off

Do you have an idea for the archery or firearm market?  We can engineer and build your idea, at NO COST to you. Contact us for details. 


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