Ruger 10/22 Kit - Blued Muzzle Brake, Custom Bolt Buffers, No-Tool Stock Screw

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This Ruger 10/22 kit includes:

1. A shiny black finish Aluminum "Sideburns" Muzzle Brake will reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil. Which will result in quicker target reacquisition and faster follow up shots. These muzzle brakes are made to the highest tolerances with only high grade aircraft aluminum for strength and reliability, each one is tested for fit. This muzzle brake looks great on a stainless barrel see pictures. They are easy to install. Just slide the brake onto your standard 10/22 barrel then tighten the brass tipped non-marking set screw.

2. Three (3) Pack of Custom Bolt Buffers for your RUGER 10/22. This solid white medium density TeflonĀ® bolt buffer replaces the Ruger standard factory steel pin located at the rear of the receiver. Reduces bolt cycling noise during shooting when the bolt hits into the factory stop pin and reduces impact stress on the receiver. Easy installation, no special tools required. Drift-in from right side-to-left. For Ruger 10/22 LR - Not for Ruger 10/22 Magnum. Specifications: Working temp range is -20 deg F to 500 degrees F. and has the lowest coefficient of expansion of any solid. It is famous for no slip-stick characteristics; static and dynamic coefficients are equal. Nothing sticks with any strength to its surface.

3. This Blued Steel 'No-Tool' Stock Take-Down Screw eliminates the need for a screw driver or allen driver to loose the stock screw. The 3/4" knurled knob will allow you to quickly clean your Ruger 10/22 or take it down for transporting in a smaller case. Knob is blued steel the screw is stainless. PLEASE NOTE: This screw is made for stocks with standard depth holes. If you need a screw for a custom stock that sits deep into the stock please contact us.

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