AMK-79 Disc Grinder with VFD

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New and Improved Model  

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DUE TO HIGH DEMAND - system will ship within 2 to 3 weeks after payment is received.



The AMK-79 9” Disk Grinder includes a VFD (variable speed control) with a 1.0 motor and adjustable 12” work table. You can now grind horizontal or vertical with a quick change.

So, what makes our 9” disk grinder different?  Well, I'm glad you asked! Yep that's right, it does both horizontal or vertical.  

This machine was designed and built by an engineer / tool & die maker with 40+ years experience in automation, robotics and precision fixture design. AMK, LLC has a history of engineering, design, and fabrication of specialty fixtures, automated work cells and production lines and we only design, build, and sell top quality equipment and products

This system includes a VFD with a 1.0 HP motor and 9” disk. 



Standard Features: 

1. Uses standard 9” PSA disks. 


2. Oh, and did I mention that you get the motor as well? Yep,  a 1.0 motor with a VFD, wired for 110vac motor that can be used horizontal or vertical.

3. Grinder is made from steel and heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum, so it will last for years. 

4. All steel details are black oxided for rust protection. 

5. Pre-wired ON/OFF switch and motor. Operates on a standard 15-20 amp circuit. 

6. Forward and reverse switch

7. Tilt adjustable work table. Will tilt approximately 45 degrees.

8. Mounts to your bench. 

9. It will take about 5 minutes to setup and make operational. 

DO NOT use system with GFI Circuit, Power Strips or Extension Cords.

Six Month Warranty

Shipping is $99 in the continental United States.    Alaska and Hawaii will be quoted separately. NO International shipping available at the time. 

Please Note: All machines receive an 8 hour bench run for testing.  In the process of this bench test there could be some scratches on the wheels and platen.  But please be assured that you are receiving a new machine.


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Neil Kamimura - Forged in Fire Champion - Follow Neil on Instagram at rpm_neil

Click Here to watch a tour of Neil's shop with a AMK 77 Grinder. 



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