AMK-75 1x42 and 2x42 Knife Sharpener

Product no.: 51
Price plus sales tax, plus delivery
Delivery weight: 50 lb


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND - system will ship within 4 to 6 weeks after payment is received.

This system is temporarily SOLD OUT.


Here are the FEATURES included on the AMK-75 1x42 and 2x42 knife sharpener:

  • UPGRADED TO GAS SHOCK for the belt tension!!!
  • Made of Top Grade Aircraft Aluminum and high carbon steel
  • Variable Speed 3/4 HP Motor Included
  • 8 Speeds
  • Uses 1 x 42 and 2 x 42 belts, we include 2 different sample belts with the system.  
  • Knife holding fixture - included
  • Upgraded Knife adjustment fixture
  • "Quick" change belt removal
  • Belt tracking adjustment
  • 1" and 2" Platens
  • Light - included
  • Adjustable Grinding Angle - any angle from 10 degrees to 35 degrees with the included Digital Protractor

Six Month Warranty

Shipping is $99 in the continental United States.    Alaska and Hawaii will be quoted separately. NO International shipping available at the time. 

Please Note: All machines receive an 8 hour bench run for testing.  In the process of this bench test there could be some scratches on the wheels and platen.  But please be assured that you are receiving a new machine.


Need 1x42 and 2x42 belts?  Contact our supplier Combat Abrastives at 714-203-2541 or click on the links below and use promo code AMKCOMBAT10 to receive 10% off:



Neil Kamimura - Forged in Fire Champion - Follow Neil on Instagram at rpm_neil

Click Here to watch a tour of Neil's shop with a AMK 77 Grinder. 


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