Custom Blued Carbon Steel Ruger Mini 14/30 580 Series Muzzle Brake

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This custom carbon steel Ruger Mini 14/30 Muzzle Brake will reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil. Which will result in quicker target reacquisition and faster follow up shots. We personally manufacture these muzzle brakes to the highest tolerances with high grade carbon steel for strength and reliability, then test each one for fit. They are also easy to install. Just slide the brake onto your barrel then secure it with the new cross pin.

Special Note: Most of the time your brake will fit correctly, but with variations in Ruger sight sizes over the years, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit every time. These brakes will not fit the Ruger Mini 14/30s below series 580 (older than 2005).  We DO NOT guarantee these to be California compliant!

If you want a custom fit to your front sight assembly, please send us your front sight assembly and we will machine it fit your front sight FREE of CHARGE before the brake is mailed the first time. (Any custom fitting AFTER it is mailed the first time will carry an additional $25 fee plus shipping.) If you decide to send the front sight for a custom fitting, please send me an email letting me know that you want to send us your front sight assembly, and I will give you our mailing address. Please allow us a week after receiving your front sight to custom fit it. We will then ship your front sight back with your muzzle brake.

If you decided to NOT send us your front sight before we ship the brake to you the first time, you are assuming the risk on the fit. After you assume the risk and the brake is shipped to you, any custom fitting after that will carry a minimum additional $25 fee. The additional fee is charged to cover the machining, order processing, and shipping costs.

We will stand behind each product we make with our 100% complete satisfaction guarantee. Like all of products this muzzle brake is made in the Centerville, Ohio, U.S.A.

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